Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Adventure Weddings NW is here to help make your wedding dreams come true.

Times have changed and today's wedding couples are choosing more unique and thoroughly personal weddings.  Some wedding traditions will never go out of style but can be easily incorporated into a wedding that is exclusively yours.

Brides and Grooms are picking locations that have personal significance to them, it might be where they met or got engaged, or a dream destination.

Whether it's your favorite outdoor location, during your favorite outside activity, or a more traditional location, Adventure Weddings NW is ready to help you create a wedding that is extraordinary and distinctively yours.

I invite you to consider the beautiful outdoors
for your wedding venue.
Look for my special offer for weddings on the Pacific Crest Trail,
listed on the Fees page.
Welcome and Congratulations!

"There is no better place to share the joining of two souls in love,
than in the beauty of nature." 
  Noryne Robinson

Whether you want a small, intimate outdoor setting or an all-out outdoor activity, I can help you. If you would love to incorporate the outdoors in your wedding plans but worry about the challenge it might present for certain family members or friends, consider a two part wedding; the first segment with your unique setting or activity and the main portion in a more traditional setting. By showing a video of your outdoor ceremony as part of your main ceremony, you tie the two together and everyone feels included.